Frequently Asked Questions

range questions

GRITR hours are:

  • Monday to Friday: 11:00 am – 7:45 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am – 7:45 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am – 5:45 pm

GRITR Range lane fees are:

  • Lane Rental: $24.99 per day
  • Senior Citizens (60+): $16.99 per day
  • First Responders/Military: $16.99 per day
  • Additional Shooters (max 4 per lane): $19.99 per day
  • Dynamic Range Rental: $100.00 per hour

We have 22 lanes (including 11 dynamic lanes) equipped with touch screens & 360-degree turning targets. All lanes can accommodate both handguns and rifles. For your safety, a trained Range Safety Officer or instructor is always present.

Absolutely! Just let our range check-in personnel know when you arrive, and we’ll arrange for a Range Safety Officer to assist you. You can also check out our gun training classes.

We have two kinds of memberships: Premium and Elite. Our Premium members pay $29.99 per month or $329.99 per year, which includes benefits such as preferential queue, unlimited visits to the range, exclusive members offers, and members-only events. On the other hand, our Elite members pay $59.99 per month or $659.99 per year, and they enjoy all the perks of Premium membership plus a free guest per visit, 50% off rental gun fees, and two private lessons. For more details about our memberships, click here.

We limit each lane to a maximum of 4 people for safety and visibility.

You can add a shooter to your lane for just $18.99 per day.

Absolutely! We offer a 5% retail discount for active, retired, and veteran military personnel as well as a discounted lane fee of $14.99 per day for military personnel and first responders.

Yes, we do! We provide Texas LTC/CHL classes, and you can either bring your own gun or rent one from us. For more information, check out our Training page.

Definitely! We host various types of shooting competitions. To stay updated on our upcoming events, please check GRITR Range Events or follow us on Facebook.

Who can shoot

If you’re under 18, you must be supervised by an adult of 21 or over. Also, you must be older then 18 years to rent a lane.

Yes, everyone is welcome at our range. If you’re under 18, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who’s at least 21. Anyone 18 or older must present a valid government-issued ID.

Yes, you can! Just ensure that you meet our age and ID requirements.

Sure, just bring your valid government-issued ID or passport. We’ll keep it safe while you’re shooting and return it once you’re done.

Absolutely, we love seeing families! However, please note that we allow a maximum of 4 shooters per lane. Children between 10 and 17 years must be accompanied by an adult 21 or older.

Yes, children between 10 and 17 years can shoot but must be accompanied by an adult 21 or older. Kids 10-12 years old are restricted to the .22 LR. Children under the age of 10 are not permitted in the firing range.

guns and ammo questions

Yes, we offer a variety of rental guns, including pistols, carbines, and rifles. You can find more information on our GRITR gun rentals page.

To rent firearms at GRITR Range, you must be at least 21 years old and provide a valid government-issued ID.

Yes, feel free to bring your own firearms. However, please note that black powder firearms are not permitted. Always inform a Range Safety Officer if you plan to shoot full auto. If you’re unsure about your specific gun/ammo combo, please ask an employee before shooting.

Sure thing! You can use your own ammo in your personal firearms, but we’ll need to inspect your ammo before you go into the range. Remember, no steel core, steel bullets, or tracers are allowed. Also, during shotgun events, only slugs are permitted.

You can shoot new or factory re-manufactured brass-cased handgun and rifle ammunition in its original packaging. Ball, soft point, hollow point, and full metal jacket rounds are all good to go. Steel core, steel bullets, tracers, and shotshells are not allowed.

Not at all, but still, check out ammunition at GRITR Sports if you need to stock up. You can bring your own ammunition for use in your own firearms. However, if you’re renting a firearm from us, you’ll need to purchase the ammunition for that firearm from GRITR. Also, remember, federal law prohibits us from selling handgun ammunition to anyone under 21.

You can shoot pistols and pistol caliber carbines up to 50AE caliber, but the final call is at the discretion of the Range Safety Officer on duty.

You can shoot rifles up to .308 caliber and rifle calibers up to 3000fps muzzle velocity. Remember, we don’t allow rapid fire.

We allow a maximum handgun caliber of .50 AE and a maximum rifle caliber of .308.

Typically, shotguns aren’t allowed at our indoor range. However, during certain events or activities, shotguns with slugs only are allowed.

Full-auto weapons are allowed, but only with prior approval/reservation. You’ll need to provide your NFA paperwork.

dos and don'ts

Comfort is key! However, we do require closed-toe shoes; no sandals or flip-flops are allowed.

Generally, drawing from a holster isn’t permitted. However, during certain events and activities, it is allowed.

Yes, we provide them for rent. You can also purchase glasses and ear protection right at our facility.

Only controlled, continuous fire is allowed at our range.

Yes, you can. But please remember that you may only photograph members of your party or our display firearms. It’s strictly prohibited to photograph other shooters, range personnel, or any of our facility’s security features.