Eric Neal

Range Manager

Eric, 36, medically retired after serving 12 years in the military as an Army Special Forces, Green Beret. He is a highly decorated combat disabled veteran and graduate of the Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course, Military Free-Fall school, Special Forces Sniper Course, and the Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance, Target Analysis & Exploitation Techniques Course (SFARTAETC). He earned his bachelor’s degree in Geographic Information Science from the University of North Texas, and a masters in business from the University of Southern California. Prior to retirement, he served as his unit’s Director of Training.

Michael Conrad

Firearm instructor

Mike, 25, is a USCCA Range Safety Officer and CCHDF firearm instructor. He served 4 years in the Marine Corps as a machine gunner. He was responsible for the tactical employment of medium and heavy machine guns. He aspires to work in federal law enforcement and is currently training toward that goal. During his off time, Mike has various interests such as jiu-jitsu, red dirt country music, going to baseball games, and hanging out with his dogs.
coolest gun ever shot: M240L
furthest shot made: 1000 yards
favorite handgun for rent: Hi-point
Joshua Whiteurst

Joshua Whiteurst

Firearm instructor

Josh, 30, Is a USCCA Certified Range Safety Officer and Instructor. He is a Texas native who started his career as a firearms instructor over a decade ago. He competed with the International Defensive Pistol Association (I.D.P.A.) in 2017. After learning the ropes in competition shooting, he found a new passion for defensive shooting and security. He currently holds an LTC instructor certification and went on to attain his Level 3 armed security certification. Additionally, he owns Secure the Mind Training Group. SMTG seeks to functionally and practically train citizens, security firms, and LEO professionals on the basis of protecting oneself by sharpening our most valuable asset, our mind. Outside of work he enjoys cooking, going to the gym, and attending baseball games.

coolest gun ever shot: Barret 50 cal
furthest shot made: 140 yards with a 1911
favorite handgun for rent: Staccato XC

Stephen “Steve” Waschka

Range Supervisior

Steve, 26, is a USCCA Firearm Instructor, Range Safety Officer, certified in basic pistol and basic rifle instruction. He is also a United States Marine Corps reservist and has served 5 years as an Artillery Fire Control Specialist. These Marines are critical for defensive and offensive indirect fire missions. Steve has been with GRITR Range since September 2020. He is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology. During his free time he enjoys fishing, and spending time with friends and family.

Coolest gun ever shot: MK19 Automatic Grenade Launcher
Farthest shot made: 800 yards
Current Favorite handgun for rent at GRITR: Beretta M9A3

Robert “Rob” Rose

Training coordinator 

Rob, 26 , is a USCCA certified Range Safety Officer and Instructor. He is a former paralegal and avid researcher of 2A law. He has concealed carry training through Louisiana State Police, as well as a long personal life around firearms. He has a bachelor’s degree in political science with a concentration in pre-law from Louisiana Tech University. Prior to Gritr, he was director of operations for a clothing company, as well as an entrepreneur. On his off time, he enjoys weightlifting, cooking, shooting, working on cars, paintball, and spending time with friends and family.

Coolest gun ever shot: FG 42 Auto rifle
Farthest shot made: 1000 yards
Current Favorite handgun for rent at GRITR: Archon Type-B

Robert “Bobby” Harris

Firearm Instructor

Bobby, 23, is a USCCA Range Safety Officer and CCHDF instructor. He was an infantryman in the Marine Corps with 1st Bn, 3rd Marines; and the 3rd Littoral Combat Task Force. He acted as a designated marksman, combat life-saver, fireteam leader, and combat marksmanship instructor. He also competed in multiple Marine Corps shooting competitions. He is currently working towards his Bachelor’s of Science in Aviation, and is a licensed airplane pilot. He aspires to become an airline pilot. He enjoys flying, weight lifting, and studying history.

Coolest gun ever shot: Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle
Farthest shot made: 1125 meters
Current Favorite handgun for rent at GRITR: Staccato XC

Jared Smithwick

Firearm Instructor

Jared, 25, Is a USCCA Certified Range Safety Officer and Instructor. He served 4 years in the United States Coast Guard as a Gunnersmate. In this position, he worked with everything from small arms to 76mm weapons systems. His responsibilities included training personnel in proper handling of weapons, ammunition, and pyrotechnics. During his time off he enjoys hunting, shooting, cooking, and gunsmithing.

Coolest gun ever shot: 455 Webley Revolver
Farthest shot made: 1000 yards
Current Favorite handgun for rent at GRITR: Scorpion EVO3