Range Rules

Customers between the ages of 10 to 12 years old are restricted to .22 cal. All minors below the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, 21 years or older, at all times. Minors may not be left unattended in any part of the facility. Minors under the age of 10 years old are not permitted in active firing range area.

  1. Always treat all firearms as if they are loaded.
  2. Do not point a firearms at anything or anyone you don’t intend to destroy
  3. Keep your finger off of the trigger until ready to shoot.
  4. No shotguns are allowed
  5. No drawing from the holster is allowed
  6. No rapid fire is allowed
  7. No manipulation of firearms outside of the shooting lane.
  8. Protective gear is mandatory at all times.
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Maximum handgun caliber .50 AE
Maximum rifle caliber .308

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  • Obey the 4 cardinal rules of gun safety
  • No manipulation of firearms behind the firing lane
  • No black powder is allowed
  • During certain events and activities, it is allowed drawing from the holster, shooting on the move and shooters may go beyond the red firing line.
  • During certain events or activities shotguns are allowed with SLUGS only
  • No hip shooting is allowed
  • Pistols up to 50AE Caliber are allowed at discretion of the RSO on duty.
  • Rifles up to .308 caliber or any rifle caliber that has less than 3000fps velocity out of the muzzle
  • Controlled, continuous fire is allowed
  • No full-auto weapons are allowed without prior approval/reservation. NFA paperwork is required.
  • Class 3 weapons, NFA items, must have paperwork in order to be used in the range
  • No steel core, steel rounds, zinc rounds, magnetic rounds, or tracers are allowed in the range
  • Over the ears ear protection and safety glasses must be always worn on a live range
  • No food or drinks allowed in the range
  • No opened toes shoes allowed in the range
  • Dry fire practice is allowed in the stall
  • Every person going into the range must have our waiver of liability signed
  • Every person checking into the range must have a valid physical photo ID
  • Age requirement to be in the range is 10 – 17 years old and must be accompanied by a responsible adult 21 or older; under 12 years old are restricted to .22 lr
  • Rifles might be shot from a standing, kneeling or sitting position at the discretion of the RSO
  • Shooters may not consume alcoholic beverages or drugs (including prescriptions and over-the-counter medications) before or during live firing. The Supervisor, Range Manager, or RSO will deny range access to anyone in violation.
  • Pistol shooters must be 21 years of age or older, or be supervised by an adult, 21 years or older. Rifle shooters must be 18 years of age or older; except as follows:  Children under 18 may shoot when supervised by an adult, 21 years or older.
  • Pregnant women are advised to consult with their doctor or practitioner prior to engaging in any shooting activities.
  • Ammo and firearms must be inspected prior to going into the range
  • Firearms must be cased or holstered prior to entering the range