Springfield Armory Echelon 9mm



  • Engineered with superior ergonomics
  • 4.5″ 9mm striker-fired duty pistol
  • Designed around a robust stainless steel chassis
  • Revolutionary optics mounting system
  • Compatible with a broad range of optics
  • Fully ambidextrous design
  • U-Dot sight system for fast target acquisition

Springfield Armory Echelon 9mm Review

The Springfield Armory Echelon pistol represents a significant advancement in modern, striker-fired duty pistols. The Echelon is packed with patent-pending features, including a flexible modular design that enhances its adaptability and versatility. At its core, the Echelon has an entirely self-contained, serialized Central Operating Group (COG) housed in a sturdy stainless-steel chassis. The Echelon’s trigger system is crafted from tool steel and then polished to perfection to facilitate smooth take-up, a clearly defined wall, a sharp break, and a short, affirmative reset.

The Echelon not only meets industry standards but also sets new ones. It’s been carefully designed with top-notch ergonomics, resulting in a handgun that’s intuitive and comfortable to handle. The pistol also boasts an advanced optics mounting system, Variable Interface System (VIS), that allows shooters to mount over 30 optics directly to the slide.

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