Sig Sauer MCX-SPEAR LT 5.56 NATO



  • 13″ Lightweight Ergonomic Handguard
  • SIG Flatblade Match Trigger
  • Fully Ambidextrous Controls
  • Interchangeable Barrel
  • Push-Button Folding Stock with Cheekrest
  • SIG QD Suppressor-Ready Flash Hider

Sig Sauer MCX-SPEAR LT 5.56 NATO Review

The SIG SAUER MCX-SPEAR LT Rifle is a groundbreaking firearm, evolving from the MCX platform through rigorous testing, continued innovation, and user feedback. This rifle, building on the legacy of its forerunner, the MCX Virtus, sets new benchmarks in performance, versatility, and user engagement with its advanced technology and precision engineering.

The MCX-SPEAR-LT stands out with its lightened handguard for enhanced maneuverability and a sleek design that ensures optimal control in various shooting conditions. It boasts improved accuracy, providing unmatched precision in diverse shooting scenarios thanks to its advanced barrel technology and enhanced trigger system. Catering to both right and left-handed shooters, its ambidextrous controls offer seamless operation and quick access to all critical functions.

At GRITR Range, the MCX-SPEAR LT comes equipped with the pre-installed Eotech EXPS3 holographic sight. Come and try it out.