MT2 Partnership

Calling all shooting ranges in DFW! Are you curious if your lead removal and recycling services are giving you the return your range deserves? GRITR Range is now using MT2 Firing Range Experts for their lead reclamation needs.

Who is MT2 you ask?

MT2 states “MT2’s mission is to deliver a competitive service experience to our clients, characterized by excellence in performance, safety, and environmental protection; producing a sustainable rate of return to shareholders; and established on a foundation of principles and values commensurate with our calling”.

After researching multiple lead reclamation companies that service the DFW metroplex, GRITR Range chose MT2 for a few different reasons. 

MT2 now has a local reclamation team that cuts mobility time down compared to other companies. They also provide an efficiency and safety focused mindset that ensures the job is not only done correctly but on time and on budget. Apart from their work ethic and professionalism, MT2 has an extremely competitive fee structure and recycled lead pay rate. GRITR’s range manager, Eric Neal had the chance to elaborate on this partnership by saying “As one of the newest and fastest growing ranges in the DFW area, this is only our second time mining our berms. The difference between the first company (We will leave names out of this) and MT2 is striking. We plan on using MT2 until another company can beat their pricing, flexibility and dependability, but I just don’t see that happening any time soon.”

gritr range cleaning

Both GRITR Range berms are clean, safe, and ready for you to deposit those freedom seeds all over again. If you have not had the chance to go see all that GRITR Range has to offer, they would love to meet you.

Happy shooting DFW!

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